Donné Nel

Donné Nel is an Occupational Therapist who graduated from the University of Cape Town in 2008, and has worked in numerous healthcare settings in South Africa and the United Kingdom. She returned to Cape Town in 2012, and has developed a passion for working with adults to achieve optimal mind-body function. She facilitates the recovery of physical and psychological wellbeing through the engagement in valued activity and life roles.

Donné Nel Occupational Therapy offers a client-centred approach with the aim of helping people to live a meaningful life, and to achieve their individual goals, despite illness or injury. The following services are available at the practice:

  • Individual rehabilitation with a focus on improving functional independence, social participation and work capacity.
  • Chronic pain rehabilitation for the management of complex pain conditions to improve activity engagement and quality of life through the use of multiple treatment modalities including Pilates and mindfulness.
  • Return-to-work intervention to improve a person’s ability to perform his/her own occupation, or an alternative position within the workplace. There is also a focus on adapting the work environment and adjusting the job demands through reasonable accommodation. Rehabilitation includes the development of an individualised return to work plan.
  • Functional capacity evaluation includes a comprehensive assessment of an individual’s physical, cognitive and psychological ability to meet the inherent demands of their own occupation or any position within the open labour market.
  • Work assessment to identify a person’s capacity to perform their job after illness, injury or surgery, and to give recommendations to the employer for a safe return to work.
  • Work site visits to evaluate the work environment, including ergonomic assessments, and to identify the specific demands of the job.

Donné has a high level of expertise in return-to-work intervention, including rehabilitation, case management and facilitating reintegration into the workplace. She has also developed an interest in chronic pain interventions, and has furthered her knowledge by obtaining a Certificate in Pain Management. She is a qualified BASI Pilates Matwork Instructor, and applies the techniques of mindfulness specifically with chronic pain and mental health conditions.

Donné is experienced in working with adults who have physical and/or psychological deficits, including musculoskeletal injuries, neurological disorders, psychiatric diagnoses and complex chronic pain. Intervention is focused on optimising function, facilitating return to work and improving overall quality of life.