About Us

Our vision at Integration House is to offer our clients a varied range of services to meet their wellness needs. We offer our clients access to a range of medical professionals, including a general practitioner, psychologist, physiotherapist, registered counsellor, podiatrist and occupational therapist.

All of our professionals adhere to values that prioritise the care and development of our clients. With a strong focus on providing physical, mental, and emotional support, our team of practitioners share a common interest in holistic wellbeing. Each professional performs their work according to their professional guidelines, and in line with the values of authenticity, compassion and dedication to every client’s wellness needs.

It is our mission to make our clients feel comfortable in the space we have created. We are dedicated to contributing towards a healthier community, and understand the importance of addressing wellness holistically. We provide access to practitioners who are equipped to assist our clients, and place equal importance on physical, mental and emotional needs. Each of our practitioners are highly experienced and respected in their field, and are able to provide treatment best suited to each individual case.