1. Company History
    • Integration House was officially launched as a wellness centre from October 2016. The establishment of the site as a wellness centre is a long-cherished dream of its owner, Dr Kailas Kassan, who runs her counselling psychology practice from the centre.
  2. What We Do
    • We focus on the provision of therapy to individuals, couples and groups in different sectors, business and life coaching, and clinical and coaching supervision services.

Strategy and Vision

  1. Vision Statement
    • To facilitate personal growth and transformation in our clients
  2. Mission Statement
    • To facilitate meaningful change
  3. Values
    • We are curious about our client’s lives
    • We find solutions together
    • Through trust we achieve and grow
    • We share and care
    • We are honest and reliable
  4. Business Goals and Objectives
    • To provide clients with a quality service that is tailored to their needs
    • Delivery of an effective service to our clients
  5. Growth Strategy
    • An emphasis on quality service collaboratively decided upon with clients
    • Target customers are consumers of mental health services in various sectors
    • Increase Therapy/Supervision/Coaching services in targeted sectors
    • Marketing tools will include public speaking and relationship building with stakeholders such as schools, NGO’s, corporates, etc. and small businesses
    • Promotional strategies include informational workshops to the public and networking with small business groups to increase awareness

Products and Services

  1. Services
    • Workshop design, development and facilitation
    • Stress management
    • Work-life balance intervention
    • Trauma intervention
    • Counselling and psychotherapy
    • Training
    • Employee Assistance Services
    • BWRT (Brain Working Recursive Therapy)
    • Business and Life Coaching
  2. Business Competitiveness
    • The structure of our centre allows for flexibility of approach and innovation, hence our ability to tailor solutions to our clients’ needs. Integration House is free to bring on board expertise that may be required to service special needs while the core of the business remains constant.

Management and Ownership

  1. Owner
    • Dr Kailas Kassan - Ph D Counsellor Education and Supervision at Auburn University, USA
    • Website: To view the practitioner profile of Dr Kailas Kassan