Luzelle Fish

Luzelle began her career in the UK, where she worked as a teacher.  She has always been fascinated by the mind, body, spirit connection and studied part-time towards a diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy. She experienced the effects of continuous stress on her health first hand due to her profession as a teacher, and suffered from burn-out and depression.  This led her to follow her heart and pursue a career in psychology which enabled her to help and guide people to transform their lives.  Luzelle teaches her clients techniques and preventative strategies to manage their stress levels, prevent relapses and reinforce new founded beliefs.

During therapy, Luzelle forms a warm, collaborative relationship with her clients and follows a holistic approach to counselling by working on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.   Her approach is to find the root cause of issues by investigating core beliefs that underpin all behaviour and habits.  Luzelle uses Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT) Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, EFT/Tapping and Guided Visualisation to access and clear negative core beliefs and the related emotions.

Luzelle holds an Honours degree in Educational Psychology (UP) and Clinical Psychology (UWC) and is registered at the HPCSA as a Registered Counsellor.  Other non-degree qualifications include: Cell Command Therapy, BWRT, Coaching, EFT/Tapping, Counselling & Psychotherapy, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Metamorphic Technique and Mentorship Training.